Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Free Blogs Are Bad?

If you are wondering why I keep saying not to use a free blogging website then I will clear that up now. Let’s look at what you don’t get with a free blogging website;
  • You don’t get your own unique domain name, you have to use ones like “” this gives you a weaker chance to get your blog ranked in search engines and also looks less reputation then, which would you rather? 
  • You never have control over your blog, whoever is hosting your blog for you actually own your blog, not you. At any given time, without any reason, the company you started a blog with could shut your blog down, they don’t even have to tell you why. This is extremely bad for anyone in my opinion.
  • Making an income is very difficult from a free hosted blog, you are limited to ways you are allowed to monetize your blog, if any monetization methods upset the company hosting your blog, your blog will be removed.
  • Traffic generation, this ties into making money also. Building up a nice flow of traffic to a free hosted blog is extremely difficult and will really restrict the amount of money you can make.
  • Many other reasons….
Just from the explanation above you should now be conviced that you don’t want to use a free hosted blog. Hosting your own blog only costs around $8 a month at most so don’t be cheap and learn how to start a blog on your own hosted web server, you can find out how to get your own hosting and domain name for your blog at “Getting Your Blog’s Domain Name

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